Apple iPhone 8 Vs iPhone 9: The War Is On The Ramp

Apple has no doubt secured the top most position in Smartphone industry by presenting better phones each time. It latest flagship has just arrived named iPhone 8. With several new features and specifications, this series of this American company has created a standard of Smartphones. When the present market is experiencing this present flagship on the other hand the gossips have started about the probable release and features of iPhone 9. While Apple is trying its best to make its next release best phone ever, one cannot deny the superior performance of the iPhone 8.

In one side when the iPhone 8 has been praising for its amazing features, at the same time, iPhone 9 has already started its influence in the market. Many buzzes are there about the advance features of iPhone 9 comparable to iPhone 8. Let’s have a look on the comparison between the latest iPhone 9 and the classic Apple iPhone 8.


  • The design of iPhone 8 Vs. iPhone 9


I Series of Apple is much prised for its eye-catching design and look. With a metallic body, Gorilla glass and aluminium alloy, Apple iPhone 8 has received a greater attention of people. With a classy and stylish look, iPhone 8 influence most people to hold it.  On the other hand, the next flagship iPhone 9 is expecting to contain a new foldable display which will change the whole look of the phone. If this spec is true, then surely Note6 is going to create a new trend in market. According to source, the new iPhone 9 will give a more classy and expensive look and feel than the previous release of Apple.


  • Camera comparison of iPhone 8 Vs iPhone 9

When iPhone 8 is still astonishing with its high-tech 16-megapixel camera and optical image stabilization, on the other hand, iPhone 9 is said to have a 30MP rear and 16MP front camera to more amaze the Smartphone lovers. One of the essential thing which makes iPhone 9 superior than iPhone 8 is its 3D feature. Yes, iPhone 9 is arriving with a 3D camera option which makes the photo lovers more excited to hold.

  • CPU and function of iPhone 8 Vs iPhone 9

Apple has two own processors which are presenting with every arrival of Apple. When Apple’s own Exynos CPU, abandoning Qualcomm has arrived with iPhone 8, the newest release of Apple is expecting to run on a Snapdragon Qualcomm octa-core with 2.9 ghz processor which will give a superfast experience.

iPhone 9

  • Price of iPhone 9 Vs iPhone 8

Apple’s previous flagships are never too available on pocket fitting prices. With better features, Apple always charges greater price for its each Note series. When Note is available with $ 840, iPhone 9 is expecting to take a price of $1100. There is nothing much surprising about the price of iPhone 9 because it contains much more advanced features than its previous model and hence justifiable to have a bigger cost.

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